Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get arrested for peeing in public and can’t get to my car? What will happen if I overstay my welcome?

If a Driver does not “Check Out” before the parking space expires, then Hosts have the option to issue a citation and even tow. Below is the step by step process:

  1. Communicate: Hosts and Drivers can easily text each other should an emergency situation happen.
  2. Citation: If a Driver is over 15 minutes late, a Host can issue that Driver a citation. The citation will be an additional 25% fee of the total Parking Meter fee. The money from this citation will be credited directly to the Host.
  3. Tow: Can you find alternative parking? If not, you may have the ability to tow the vehicle one hour after the citation has been issued. Keep in mind, Drivers can view your tow history and may steer clear of your space in the future if this is your go to move. For additional help, please visit our Tow Guidelines page at

What should I do if I lose my phone or the battery dies?

Don’t freak out mmmkay? The same rules still apply. After you’ve moved your vehicle, send an email to explaining your situation and the time you left, and we will reimburse you for the time you weren’t parked. 

What is the “Grace Period?”

The Grace Period gives Drivers a reasonable amount of time to get to their parking space before billing begins. During this time, Drivers can cancel the reservation without incurring a fee. Pretty cool, right?

What does “Prorated Billing” after the first hour mean?

Once the Grace Period has ended, Drivers are automatically charged for the first hour. Drivers are then charged on a per minute basis (prorated). For example, 1 minute at the rate of $1/hour (60 min), equals 1/60 ~ 2 cents/minute. Never overpay for parking again!

What is the Parking Meter?

The parking meter shows the current total bill for the Driver. It’s a running meter, updated every minute with the new total.

What does it mean when the hourly price is the same as the max price?

This is basically a “flat fee” pricing option. If the minimum and maximum are the same, then you are allowed to park in that space as long as the listing is available for a one time flat fee.

What do the numbers inside the black circles mean on the Map Page?

Each black circle, or “listing bubble”, represents a parking space listing. The top number inside the bubble shows the price per hour, and the bottom number shows when the listing ends. Listings are filtered and displayed using the “Parking Time” and “Price” parameters on the bottom of the Map Page.

Why can’t I see photos of the parking spaces?

In order to get full access to certain features of our app, you must enter your payment information. We take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously and only allow access to photos of Host parking spaces to others in the Gravel community.

Why do I have to verify my phone number when signing up?

We take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. Phone number verification helps secure user sensitive data. 

Will I be charged continuously if I’m unable to return to my vehicle?

Until you “Check Out,” you will automatically be charged up until that parking space is no longer available. However, you will never be charged for more than one billing cycle at a time. Therefore, if the space becomes available again, you will not automatically be billed. Again, we urge you to communicate with your Host as the citation and tow rules will be in effect. 

My car got towed, what should I do?

Damn, that sucks. We’re so sorry it had to come to this and hope this is a one time thing. For help, please visit our Tow Guidelines page at

How do I list my Space?

Hosting your parking space is quick and easy. Click the menu button in the top left corner and select “Host My Space.” Further instruction will be given. 

How much should I rent my parking space for?

We allow Hosts complete control over the pricing and availability of their parking space. We recommend looking at other Gravel parking prices in your neighborhood to get a better understanding of how much to rent your parking space for. Down the road, as we gain more Hosts, Gravel will be able to generate recommended prices.

Why do I have to enter my routing number and account number in order to list my space?

You wanna get paid, don’t ya? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to deposit money directly onto your debit or credit card. A bank account and routing number will let our payment processor know where to send your money. This information can be found on your check or online banking account. See below for how to find your routing and account number on a check.


How do I collect the money I’ve earned from renting out my space?

2-3 days after each transaction, Hosts will receive a wire into their bank account or Paypal account. The total amount you’ve earned through Gravel can be shown on the Host Management page.

Can a business list a parking space on Gravel?

Absolutely. Businesses make great Gravel Hosts as their hours of operation are very predictable. When you’re business is closed, why not list your parking space on Gravel and make some extra cash? 

My parking space has a gate, can I still list it on Gravel?

Unfortunately, parking spaces that require special access will not be allowed on the Gravel app at this time. The pistons are firing around the clock over here at Gravel as we attempt to fix this issue.